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JMT Interior is more than just an “interior design company in noida” serving clients across India, but it’s a gateway to unmatched creativity and life-changing design experiences.

JMT Interior has made a name for itself  for expertise in custom interior design services.

From the vibrant streets of Delhi/NCR to the serene landscapes of Gaur City Greater Noida,Gurgaon and beyond, our team of talented interior designers and architects is dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Whether you’re looking to transform your home, office, or commercial space, we specialize in designing spaces that capture your distinct personality and sense of style.




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Customized Solutions

Our team works closely with you to understand your style, needs, and preferences, before creating custom designs that realize your idea.

Attention to Detail

JMT Interiors pays close attention to every detail to produce a finished product that is flawless and above and beyond expectations.

Collaborative Approach

We actively include you in the design process so that your ideas can be implemented into the finished product.

Expert Design Team

Your project will be in good hands because our team consists of experts with a wealth of knowledge in interior design.

Timely Project Delivery

Ensuring sure your design idea gets finished in the scheduled amount of time while maintaining quality

Innovative Design

We always introduce new and innovative designs since our staff are pushed by creativity and innovation.

Budget Management

Our team makes sure that delivering gorgeous, high-quality design solutions for your space without compromising on budget.

Client Testimonials

Hear directly from our happy customers in feedback that express their great experiences and successful results.

Transparent Communication

keeping you informed and involved throughout the design process


Whether you’re in Gaur City, Greater Noida, Noida or Delhi/NCR, Ranchi, Patna, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon or any part of India, our expertise extends to every corner.

From concept to execution, we offer a comprehensive range of services like Interior design of bedroom, dining room, bathroom, living room, kids room, Puja room, modular kitchen interior design, etc.

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As the leading, experienced, and best interior designer in Gaur city Greater Noida, we are pleased to represent the best interior design company in Gaur city Noida .


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"JMT : Means a professional way to complete the work. * Good team work. * Provide a quality finishing . * Competitive rates. * Suggest New & innovative design of your space. # Best Interior designer in Gaur City, Greater Noida"

Gyanendra Singh rathore

14th Avenue, Gaur City, Greater Noida

"I have got the work done by JMT, very good work has been done, Saurabh is a very reliable person. # Best Interior designer in Gaur City, Greater Noida."

Arvind Agnihotri

14th Avenue, Gaur City, Greater Noida

"I got the Best Interior Design work done on my house at H-block Gaur City2, Greater Noida. I am glad to say that I am extremely happy with the services provided by JMT Interior and its team. Above all, I shall appreciate the knowledge of the products available in the market and how to utilize space with beauty.# Best Interior designer in Gaur City"

Sumit Suman

Gaur City, Greater Noida.

"Your attention to detail and creative flair bring spaces to life with unmatched elegance and charm. Each room you design is a masterpiece, reflecting your dedication to perfection and your clients' unique tastes. Your talent for blending form and function creates environments that are both visually stunning and incredibly functional. Your passion for design shines through in every project, leaving a lasting impression on all who experience your work. # Best Interior designer in Ghaziabad"

Prateek Goswami

Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad

"Transformed my kitchen into a dream space! The interior design team at JMT Interior exceeded my expectations with their modular kitchen design. From sleek cabinets to efficient storage solutions, every detail was meticulously crafted. Highly recommend their services for anyone looking to elevate their home! # Best Interior designer in Noida"

Pradeep Bhatt


"JMT Interiors absolutely exceeded my expectations! From the very first consultation, I was impressed by their professionalism and attentiveness. They took the time to understand my vision, lifestyle, and preferences, and translated that into a stunning interior design plan. The design itself was incredible! JMT Interiors struck the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. # Best Interior designer in Ghaziabad"

Amlan Kumar

Gaur Siddhartham, Ghaziabad

"Work done by them is extremely fascinating and levish. They coordinated with us and presented us with beautiful ideas. Things were managed well and i am a happy customer since they did a good job . I would recommend you all for JMT interiors. #Best Interior designer in Ghaziabad"

Noopur Rani

Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad

"It is the best interior design company in Gaur City, Greater Noida. Also, his staffs are very professional and also possess excellent behaviour. The work quality is really awesome and i would like to recommend others to connect with them if you are really looking for a highly proffesional, reliable, and trustworthy interior designer company near Noida or Gaur city area! # Best Interior designer in Greater Noida"

Pranav Kumar

11th Avenue, Gaur City, Greater Noida.

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At JMT Interior, we recognize how important it is to choose an interior design firm in Gaur City, Greater Noida. What distinguishes us? The first step is our constant commitment to your room; we value the things on your walls and treat them with all of our heart.

We customize our designs to fit your tastes and personality, making sure that your unique style enters every area of your home.

We provide direction and clarity during the multitude of choices, making the process of achieving your ideal environment fast and satisfying.

Our goal at JMT Interior is to bring joy and satisfaction into your house during the entire design process. Come see the difference with us.

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